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Email is the preferred method of support requests. PLEASE use the email address you purchased your magazine with, as we are an email centric system.

If you have any questions you can submit a support ticket via email at:

You will usually get a reply in the next 48 hours, if you don’t, chances are your email is lost in cyberspace somewhere, go ahead and contact us again. Please also check your spam folder and ensure you white list our email to receive our replies.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure you provide as much information as possible detailing the issue you are experiencing. The url where the page is, the exact steps on how to replicate the issue, the browser version you are using and as many screenshots as possible.

If you need any assistance, we are here to help

~ WnW Holiday Marketing Magazine Support Team


Q: What do I need to provide for App Support

A: If you are experiencing any issues with your app, you must collect the following information before contacting support:

+ The exact steps to replicate the error: This is Very important so that the team is able to properly troubleshoot and fix the error. As you can imagine, If they cannot replicate the error, it will be very hard to fix. The more details you provide, the better.

+ Screenshots of Every single steps. This is very important so that the team can see the other elements of the page. You can also do a video screen recording if you prefer. Please read below, how to take iPad screenshots.

+ The version number of the iPad having the issue: This is very important to be able to troubleshoot the error.

+ The iOs version number of the iPad having the issue: This is very important to troubleshoot any error. To get the iPad iOs verion number, tap on the “Settings” icon, tap on the “General” option. The version number will be shown there

+ The version number of your magazine app in the iPad having the issue: This is very important. The person experiencing the error needs to provide a screenshot of your app home page with the settings section opened. To do this, they need to click on the settings icon located at the bottom right of the app home page. The setting section will expand on the home page. Please provide a screenshot of that page.

+ The device token number of the iPad having the issue: This is very important. You can find the device token in the settings section of the app. Simply click on the settings icon, the settings section will expand. You can copy the device token there or click on the “contact us” link to send an email with the device token.