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With the 2021 Weird & Wacky Holiday Marketing Guide as your business marketing resource every day of the year can be used as a reason to market your business. See what others are saying...

"A great way to get publicity is by connecting your content to a special holiday or marketing period. I always recommend this book to everyone who wants an easy and fun way to get more exposure and book sales."

Brian Jud, author of How to Make Real Money Selling Books and the Executive Director of the Association of Publishers for Special Sales


“This is definitely a Weird & Wacky Marketing Guide packed full of funny, creative insights and suggestions that expand the reader’s world. My two favorites are: National Compliment Day and Inconvenience Yourself Day. Both of which speak to the power of random acts of kindness that have the ability to light up the world! A very catchy read; enjoy!”

Lauren E Miller, CEO Microwave Stress Solutions, Inc. Stress Relief Expert/Best Selling Author/International Speaker


“If you’re looking for ideas about what everyone else is doing, put this book down and go on your merry way. The book is for trailblazers, fun-creators, enjoyment-spreaders, and joy-seekers. Who says that marketing is difficult? Who says marketing must be dull, tedious, and boring? When you have the 2015 Weird & Wacky Holiday Marketing Guide, marketing is FUN!

Want to create a unique sale that really gets attention? No problem. Want to create some great marketing promos and spread them on social media? No problem. Want to stand apart from the ‘same old’ marketing blah, blah, blah? No problem. You hold in your hands (or on your computer) a year of endless (almost endless) ideas to set you and your business apart, get the attention you crave, and have a whole bunch of fun in the process. This 7th edition of the Weird & Wacky Holiday Marketing Guide is your ever-so-inexpensive tool for marketing success and enjoyment. Go have some fun!"


Terry Minion
Upward Trend Management Services, LLC
Commercial Truck Dealer Success


"What a great item! I have looked for something like this for years and now I have found it. The 2013 Weird and Wacky Marketing Guide provides all those holidays that you wish you knew so you could promote your product with a tie-in. Did you know that March 28th is Teachers Day. Or how about May is National Bike Month or that June 12-15th are Ice Cream Days.

Ginger Marks provides you with daily, weekly and monthly Wacky Holidays and some great marketing ideas to go with those holidays too! Love it. An absolute must for anyone hoping to utilize holiday marketing."

Sam Hendricks, author Fantasy Football Guidebook and Fantasy Baseball for Beginners


"I'm just glancing at the content, WOW what a phenomenal marketing tool. Love the info presented and, because I am a SB Development Specialist, I see potential sharing this info with other small business owners throughout my community. Thank you for asking me to review the book. It is a Treasure Chest of marketing ideas. I love it. It is laid out so well and for me, a person who also is thinking of doing something different, I find the book a most excellent resource guide."

Sandra Lynch
The One Page Business Plan Consultant, bookkeeper, and tax preparer


“I have looked for something like this for years and now I have found it. ... you will never again be left wondering what to plan the next promotional campaign around. Just glancing through January and February I plucked a few ideas to work with.

National Hot Tea Month ( Jan ); Universal Letter Writing Week-Jan 8-14; Women In Blue Jeans Days-Jan 20-22; and Feb 24-National Chili Day...

What I noticed the most about this guide is the broad range of coverage ... no matter what your business, there are so many ways to use the guide ... and to promote other businesses at the same time ... a double plus!

What's not to love??”

Bea Kunz
Sage Hill Farms

"Weird and Wacky Holiday Marketing Guide is the kind of marketing tool that you will love using over and over. Decorate with Candy is going to be huge in 2015! This is a fun and creative resource.”


Jennifer Colford, International Best Selling Author, Managing Mothering



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